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More than an inspection, it’s a Survey.

So This is the House You Want to Buy…

Be Sure You Know What You are Buying with a Detailed Survey by Custom Building Surveys, LLC First off, Custom Building Surveys (CBS) provides more than a home inspection… you will be receiving a detailed “Home Survey.” Our inspector, Dane Christy is a licensed builder and a certified ASHI inspector whose vast experience gives you peace-of-mind in assessing the overall state of your new home, as he conducts a highly detailed survey. You’ll have an extra measure of assurance in your new purchase, as the report will provide you with a detailed analysis of the major mechanical and structural aspects of the building’s condition.

Solution-Oriented Surveys

Our comprehensive inspections explain how the systems in the home function, and how these systems are currently functioning. If there are any defects in the home, Dane will explain the probable causes, give solutions, and even provide a range of cost for repair.*


Our Clear Advantage

What You Get

  • Roof – Condition and Age (Physical Inspection)
  • Inspect Chimney and Masonry work
  • Determine any signs of water damage or infiltration
  • Eaves and Gutters – Condition inspected
  • Insulation – Determine Proper amount and Type of Insulation used
  • Age and Condition of Plumbing and Electrical
  • Windows – Type, Condition and Insulation value
  • HVAC – Condition of Heating and Cooling systems
  • Foundation – Inspect basement foundation and condition
  • Grading and how it affects the house
  • Structure – Determine if it is Secure and Report any Damage

    Adding Valuable Insight

    In addition to our 25-page written report, you will also be provided with a digital audio recording of your survey recorded as the survey happens. The recording will add valuable insight into any unforeseen expenses relative to the repairs and maintenance of the building, and will help acclimate you to the building: Understand it’s overall condition, and plan for necessary proper maintenance.* *To avoid conflict of interest, we do not perform repairs on any of the buildings we inspect



About Your Inspector –
Dane Christy

Dane Christy of Custom Building Surveys, LCC., has been conducting surveys since 1982. He has thorough knowledge of the mechanics within a home, as well as construction methods of the building’s structure. Dane has gained his vast experience by being actively involved in the inspection business and ongoing educational programs since the inception of the company. Dane Christy is also a licensed residential builder in the state of Michigan and is fully insured. All surveys are done in accordance with the standards set forth by the American Society of Home Inspectors, ASHI. Dane Christy is an ASHI Certified Inspector who has met not only the rigorous requirements of the American Society of Home Inspectors, but has also met the additional training and ethical requirements to be a member of the Great Lakes Chapter of ASHI. Use the contact information below to call the home inspector directly to ask questions and schedule your home inspection.



Inspection Pricing

A professional home inspection will usually cost between $295 and $500. Our pricing is determined on the
following basis:

  • Square footage
  • Location: Travel time only
  • Age of the house
  • Type of foundation
  • Number of furnaces
    *Prices subject to change.

Ordering Your Inspection  We at Custom Building Surveys, LLC will be happy to answer any question you have regarding your inspection, provide a firm quote, and schedule your appointment that is convenient for you and your Realtor. We also conduct inspections after work hours (daylight permitting), as well as weekends, helping to work around your schedule.

Simply call us at 248-647-0087.

Areas we Service — Serving Metro Detroit and Northern Michigan. 


After the Inspection Your survey is never finished. If you ever have a question regarding your inspection, we are here to help in any way we can. There are no additional fees for our phone consultations or time limits.


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Certified Member: American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)


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